Food Smart Cities for Development

In Utrecht there a lot of initiatives on healthy, sustainable and fair local food. Utrecht is ‘Global Goals City‘ and will act for sustainable development (s.a. end poverty, inequality, unjustice, invest in fair production and consumption and counteract climate change).

The municipality of Utrecht is actively looking for ways to make the city region food system more healthy, sustainable and fair together with citizens, companies and organizations. We facilitate this process in different ways.

We organize workshops to connect people, organizations and networks and to discuss different food related issues  and food policies.

We have the opportunity to  work with  RUAF Foundation which is carrying out a research project on the city region food system  in the Utrecht region. Research topics are shared and discussed during workshops with the goal of drafting a  joint food agenda and an proper organizational structure as a means of changing our local food system.

To raise public awareness on local food in Utrecht, we organize a public event together with  many organizations. The event will be the  harvest festival “Utrecht Oogst”, during  which the Food Award for micro-actions will be confered.

Activities in Utrecht

On September 26 2015 the Festival “Hier en Daar” took place to raise awareness on the effects of our decisions ‘here’ to other countries ‘there’. The municipality in cooperation with several parties in Utrecht held workshops on different food themes: Fairtrade and local food in catering...