Food Smart Cities for Development

The city of Turin endeavoured to ensure that the process of the adoption of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact is managed and carried out in a participated way and in coherence with the local political and social context. The vision of Turin is built on a right-to-food oriented approach stemming out of actions and good practices coordinated and performed by the city, such as School Canteens, Soup kitchens, Farmer’s areas in city markets, Social gardens: all of these initiatives fulfil, every day, the right to food in Turin for the citizens.
The participation in Food Smart Cities for Development project helps broaden the institutional scope of these experiences and to the manifold initiatives that are already ongoing, so that the right to food is included in the city statute – and this was done . Additionally, Turin wishes to highlight the cross-cutting value of these experiences: local governance, rule of law, promote the right to have regular, permanent and free access to food, provide new ways of economic activity, guaranteeing social inclusion, a different perspective for spatial planning, a tool to promote the diversity of cultural, religious, intellectual needs among the citizens.
Thanks to the drive given by the FSCFD project and to the signature of the MUFPP an outstanding result has been achieved: the inclusion in the city statute of the resolution introducing the right to food. As of March 7th 2016 the city council approved unanimously the inclusion of the text stating that the city of Turin has the mission to promote the implementation of the right to adequate food, meaning the right to have permanent access to good quality food , in a sufficient, healthy and acceptable amount that will guarantee the satisfaction of mental and physical needs of the individuals, so as to lead a dignifying life.
Download the resolution (in Italian)
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