Thessaloniki and Fair Trade Hellas

Food Smart Cities for Development

World Meal in Thessaloniki

Food Smart City for development (FSC4D) project and the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact offer a great opportunity to redefine local food systems. How can Thessaloniki  develop a resilient local food system, by integrating urban agriculture in city planning, promoting sustainable nutrition and fighting against food waste?

Thessaloniki hosts many grassroots initiatives that respond to  the challenge of providing access to safe and sufficient food for all.
Participating in FSC4D project give the city the opportunity to develop a sustainable food policy through exchanges and training and to set up new initiatives with various partners. The city wants to focus on different aspects, among which:

  • create a direct link between local farmers and consumers encouraging them to buy local products,
  • further develop urban agriculture
  • tackle  food waste in different steps of the process (business, distribution, consumers)
  • strengthen support for vulnerable groups.
Activities in Thessaloniki

A ‘World Meal’ : smart event, 17-18 December 2015 Fair Trade Hellas along with Kedith (Community Enterprise of Thessaloniki) planned a ‘World Meal’, as a smart experiential event. It was the first effort to get the people of Thessaloniki together and inspire the set up of an urban...