The MUFPP Secretariat started a collaboration with different regional, national and international cities networks in order to foster the peer-to-peer exchange among signatories cities and to spread the content of the Pact.

This cooperation has been called Food Networks’ Alliance and it gives all MUFPP cities  an overview of all possible platforms where they can continue discussing and working on the MUFPP issues. At the same time and reciprocally, the cities networks involved might benefit from the enthusiasm of the MUFPP signatories cities. This Food Network’s Alliance also serves as a hub for information sharing among the different cities networks and in the future could propose a calendar of activities run by the single networks open to all MUFPP signatory cities.

Through networks it is possible to spread virtuous imitation of best practices among cities; ensure a  real-time step-by-step technical assistance that naturally emerges among homologous civil servants being in a constant contact; support cities in both planning local policies or projects and developing them smoothly and creatively.

So far, the networks collaborating with the MUFPP are:

C40 – Food Systems Networks


Italian Group of WHO – Healthy Cities

In scoping process


Sustainable Food Cities 

Energy cities

– Eat Nordic Cities Initiative

Recent meetings

18 April and  28 April 2016 (webinars);  25 May 2016 first meeting about  the new Eurocities working group on urban food policy (WG Food)

31 May 2016 (webinar) C40 Food Systems Networks 

13 June 2016 official launch of C40 Food System Networks and Eat Nordic Cities Initiative at EAT Stockholm Food Forum

8-10 February 2017 meeting Eurocities WG Food in Birmingham

12-13 June 2017 meeting of C40 Food System Networks at EAT Stockholm Food Forum

19 October 2017 meeting of Eurocities WG Food in Valencia