Food Smart Cities for Development

Ghent is a forerunner in the promotion of fairtrade food, is broadly known as the veggie capital of Europe and has developed a comprehensive Food Strategy under the title ‘Ghent en Garde’. The city advocates local, sustainable, and tasty food for its inhabitants, and promotes fairtrade and sustainable food supply chains worldwide.

The goal is to achieve ecological and social progress throughout the entire food chain: from production, processing, and distribution to consumption and waste management.The ultimate goal being to substantially reduce the environmental impact of our food system, while organizing our food supply chain in a socially responsible way.

For this purpose, the city of Ghent with local producers, consumers, and other stakeholders, coordinates networks amongst them and stimulates sustainable cooperation.

The Ghent Food Strategy, called ‘Ghent en Garde’,  put forward five objectives:

  1. Push for a shorter and a more transparant food supply chain
  2. Stimulate sustainable and fairtrade food production and consumption
  3. Create added social value with and within food initiatives
  4. Reduce food waste
  5. Use food waste as a natural resource

Watch here the video on Ghent en Garde


Activities in Ghent

“Local urban food policy in relation to the global food sovereignty debate” Was the seminar held  on  11-12 June 2015  that brought together more than 40 food experts from all over the world.  Those participants contributed to the larger debate on sustainable local food policies and the interrelation...