Fair Trade Exhibition

Food Smart Cities for Development

It is a modular exhibition which  goal  is to provide visitors  with information about fair trade in general and Fair Trade Towns in particular.

The objective is to increase awareness of the general public towards the issues and values of Fair Trade and to create international solidarity with producers in the developing countries by encouraging people to choose for fair trade products even in their own neighborhood shops.

Besides receiving information about fair trade and about fair trade selling points in the city, visitors will also be invited to register as ‘fans’ of fair trade.


There are several elements in the  exhibition.

  1. Information about Fair Trade: data, pictures and background of several aspects of fair trade (economic, social and ecological), as well as the diversity of fair trade products that is possibile to buy. Not just food, but also textile, electronics, flowers…).
  2. Information about Fair Trade Towns Bilbao, Bruges, Ghent, Thessaloniki, Utrecht: showing  practical examples of how this cities promote fair trade with an overview of catering business and shops offering fairtradeproducts in each city.
  3. A photobooth where people can become  ” Fair Trade Fan”.
  4. Explanation of the links between fair trade in the South and sustainable local agriculture in the North.


The Fair Trade Exhibitions will make a European tour and will travel to several public events in Bruges and in the 5 partner cities.