The EUROCITIES Working Group Food (WG Food) aims at becoming a creative hub where good practices can be shared. The WG Food want investigate innovative solutions for urban food challenges. On 15 October 2015, 117 Mayors from across Europe and the world signed the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP). Through which they committed to develop sustainable food systems, to grant healthy and accessible food, protect biodiversity and fight against waste.

Cities demonstrated great interest for the Milan Pact initiative, displaying the need for a stronger commitment on cities’ cooperation issues and on the definition of models for an integrated approach towards food systems at urban level. The WG Food represents the starting point to set up a European framework to consolidate the action towards a sustainable food system. Many cities around the world are already working to implement projects that raise awareness on significant topics related to food system management. The main fields of action for cities are: dietary footprint; supporting consumption of fresh and healthier products; food waste prevention, reduction and management; sustainable food logistics; food poverty; changes in public procurement; food production that fosters rural-urban linkages and urban agriculture.

Focal point: Anja De Cunto, Eurocities –
Chair: Andrea Magarini, City of Milan –
Vicechair: Natalia Boitot, City of Warsaw


WG Food Meetings


The city of Lyon will host a thematic workshop about urban agriculture and rural-urban linkages. During the 3-days workshop an agenda will be arranged, with training sessions, study visits, exchanges among WG Food members. A representative from EU Commission DG AGRI will be invited to attend and the meeting could be a significant opportuniry to further discuss around drivers of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for cities.

Tel Aviv

During the garhering a meeting will take place among European cities that will attend the event in Tel Aviv. The topics of the event will be defined in next months and the agenda will follow the official one.





Study Food in Cities

Eurocities, in collaboration with the City of Milan and Cardiff University, won an EU-funded project on the topic of ‘Food in Cities’. The study consisted in mapping innovative urban strategies, designed to promote the production, delivery and consumption of sustainable and healthy food. The study compiled five in-depth case studies from cities that have benefitted from EU projects supporting innovative solutions for sustainable food system. These activities gathered specific evidences on cities work on urban food strategies, which were used for influencing activities of the WG Food towards the EU.