Call for submissions Milan Pact Talks 2020

The City of Milan and the Cariplo Foundation are proud to announce the “Milan Pact Talks”, a special edition of the Milan Pact Awards.

The purpose of the Milan Pact Awards is to recognize innovation and stimulate good practices exchange among MUFPP signatory cities, towards more sustainable food systems.

The previous editions of the Milan Pact Awards collected 261 food pratices, assessed by an international evaluation committee.
This living library of urban food policies is available on the Awards section.

The Covid-19 emergency has shown that cities are at the front line providing concrete solutions to citizens’ needs. In particular, food policy teams had to face many unexpected urgent challenges as the urban food systems have been severely hit by this external shock.

Different measures have been put in place by food policy teams of MUFPP cities to face the challenges that the pandemic has brought.

In this uncertain time collaboration is crucial. The Milan Pact Talks is an opportunity for cities and city officers to strenghten our community of persons and knowledge and to joint forces to better manage present and future challenges of our food system.

The call asks signatory cities to submit up to 3 videos in relation to their Covid-19 food system responses. The aim is to share knowledge about the measures undertaken to answer, adapt and mitigate food system shocks.

The deadline for receiving submissions is Tuesday, 15 September 2020. All the video practices submitted will be shared and promoted among the MUFPP cities, website and social media.

For assistance in filling the form or for technical support please contact: