Food Smart Cities for Development

Bruges boasts no fewer than 9 starred restaurants and can therefore rightfully claim the title of culinary capital of Belgium. The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact and  Food Smart City for Developement (FSC4D) project offers our city the opportunity to think about sustainable food. How can Bruges set the standards in the field of urban agriculture, short-chain marketing, food loss and fair trade?
FSC4D  offers the opportunity to develop a sustainable food policy through exchanges and training and to set up new initiatives with various partners. The city wants to focus on different aspects, amongst which: making a direct link between consumers and local farmers and encourage them to buy local products, urban agriculture is new and can be further developed, food loss can be tackled in different steps of the process (business, distribution, consumers).

Activities in Bruges

Food Lab The Bruges Food Lab is a knowledge and networking platform that consists of civil society organizations and municipal departments with expertise in this field. This stakeholder participatory approach is essential for the identification of a powerful and efficient food strategy. The Food Lab allows  organizations to exchange ideas and points...