Annual Gathering and Mayors’ summit 2018

The fourth Annual Gathering and Mayors’ summit of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP), will take place on 4-5 September 2018 in Tel Aviv-Yafo at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
The gathering of mayors and city officials is an opportunity for signatory cities to exchange ideas and share their progress in meeting the goals of the Pact. To enhance this cooperation the MUFPP secretariat has launched together with Fondazione Cariplo the Milan Pact Awards. The winners will be announced during the Mayors Summit. Download the full program here




Workshop for beginners

Location: Peretz Naftali Building Tel Aviv-Yafo (Tel Aviv University Ramat Aviv, Institute for

Local Government, closest entrance from gate 4)

Moderator: Ayal Ronen, Architect Department of city planning

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality


14:35 Welcome and introduction

Ophir Pines Paz, Head of Institute for Local Government, Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University

14:45 Basics of municipal food policy – Q&A will follow every talk!

Essential steps to building a strong and successful municipal food program Eitan Ben Ami, Director, Tel Aviv-Yafo Environmental Authority

Benefits of sustainable urban food policy with financial highlights, Itay Tsachar General Director, Kfar Saba Municipality

A City promoting healthy nutrition – a manual for cities promoting Med-SENSE Nutrition, Milka Donchin, National Coordinator of the Israel Healthy Cities Network

A City promoting healthy nutrition – a manual for cities promoting Med-SENSE Nutrition, Milka Donchin, National Coordinator of the Israel Healthy Cities Network

Experts’ comments:Barbara Turk, Director, Food Policy New York City Municipality, New York City Andrea Calori, President, EStà, Economia e Sostenibilità, Milan, Mads Frederik Fischer-Møller Senior Adviser, Food Policy & Leader of Nordic Food Policy Lab & Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordic Council, Copenhagen

The Role of hope in farmers’ adoption of sustainable technology, Shira Bukchin Department of Public Policy

15:40 Coffee Break

16:00 Reducing meat consumption – easy, healthy, sustainable change!

Meatless Monday – resources for food service, businesses, schools and restaurants in the city, Becky Ramsing Senior Program Officer, Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future

“Meat of the matter”, a municipal guide to climate-friendly food purchasing Chloë Waterman, Senior Food Campaigner, Friends of the Earth (USA)

16:30 Creating partnerships through food policies

Let’s Food Cities: fostering city-to-city cooperation for more sustainable food system Anna Faucher, President and Louison Lançon, Treasurer, Let’s Food

Insights from French cities: how to implement a local food strategy and what are the benefits of city-to-city cooperation mechanisms.

Experts’ comments: Barbara Turk, Director, Food Policy New York City Municipality, New York City Andrea Calori, President, EStà, Economia


18:30 at Tel Aviv Port Lighthouse



9:00-12:00 Main plenary – The promise of Cities

Assia Hall, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Sderot Sha’ul HaMelech 27, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Moderator: Eytan Schwartz, CEO

Tel Aviv Global & Tourism, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Good Morning Tel Aviv!

Ron Huldai, Mayor, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Welcome to Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Annual Gathering

Giuseppe Sala, Mayor, Milan

Blowing the Wind of Innovation Yossi Vardi, Serial Entrepreneur Tel Aviv-Yafo

10:30 Municipal Challenges in Addressing Global Goals

Moderator: Oren Nahari, Foreign News Editor & Chief International

Commentator, Walla News & Member of the Public Council of SID- The Society for International Affairs, Israel


  • Mayor Ron Huldai, Tel Aviv-Yafo
  • Lord Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe, Banjul
  • Mayor Yiannis Boutaris, Thessaloniki
  • Mayor Hanna Beata Grokiewicz- Waltz, Warsaw
  • Lord Mayor Thomas Kufen, Essen

11:30 Agriculture superheroes, Alpha Sennon, Farmerpreneur, Founder & Executive Director, Whyfarm, Siparia

11:45 Keynote Talk, Mounir Mahjoubi Minister of State for Digital Affairs Paris, France

12:00-13:00 Light lunch




13:00-15:30 | Assia Hall

This session will offer the cities’ representatives the most updated information regarding healthy and sustainable nutrition, as well as handy tools to promote the municipal food system towards a more sustainable and healthier one. We will discuss the issue of evaluating the municipal food programs and connect the different monitoring methodologies to the municipal food policies and sustainable food systems in all continents.

Moderator: Lisa Sasson, Dietician and Clinical Professor, New York University New York

13:15 Talks

Tel Aviv-Yafo Urban Food Policy Mehereta Baruch Ron, Deputy Mayor Tel Aviv-Yafo

Improving the food environment for better nutrition: how cities can lead the progress of the decade of action on nutrition, Francesco Branca, Director Department of Nutrition for Health and Development, World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva

13:45 Panel Discussion: Local food initiative & Cities networks

World Burger – Getting children interested in healthy and sustainable food, Wobine Buijs-Glaudemans, Mayor, Oss

Project “INFORMA A SCUOLA”: Healthy lifestyles promotion to prevent overweight among children in primary school Alessandra Filippi, Deputy Mayor for Environmental Policies, Modena

Italian Healthy Cities Network, Simona Arletti, President of Italian Healthy Cities Network

Toolbox for evaluation of a city food policy and programs, Milka Donchin, National Coordinator of the Israel Healthy Cities Network, Tel Aviv-Yafo

14:15 Talks

Finding Health and Nutrition in the Food System through Meat Consumption Reduction Policies and Programs, Becky Ramsing Senior Program Officer Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future

Nourishing the nation’s capital: food policy in Washington DC, Spike Mendelsohn, Chair, DC Food Policy Council, Washington DC

New York urban food policy, Barbara Turk, Director of Food Policy New York City Municipality, New York City

15:00 Panel Discussion: How to evaluate a nutrition program on the municipal level

Francesco Branca, Director, Department of Nutrition for Health and Development World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, Ronit Endevelt, Director of Nutrition Division, Israel Ministry of Health Jerusalem Elliot Berry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Reyes Tirado, Senior Scientist Greenpeace, Exeter

13:00-15:30 | Shidlovsky Hall

Roundtables Session (by invitation only)

Municipalities can change their public procurement process, to generate innovation in the food sector, and strengthen procurers’ role and tools to improve the sustainability performance of our food consumption and treatment in the cities. We will discuss: promoting innovation in the food sector for better sustainability in the municipal level, examples of procurement criteria which promote sustainable and healthy food consumption methods for suppliers’ dialogue, and improved green logistics management. The session will be an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss barriers and opportunities to improve current practices.

Moderator: Ayal Ronen, Architect Department of City Planning

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

13:15 Short introduction talks

SwitchMed program, Luc Reuter Sustainable Lifestyles, Cities and Industry UNEP

Opening remarks, Galit Cohen, MoEP Deputy Director General, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Jerusalem

Innovation in public Procurement

Avi Blau, Director, Afeka Institute of Circular Engineering and Economy (AICEE) Tel Aviv-Yafo

Purchasing of sustainable food, Chloë Waterman, Senior Food Campaigner Friends of the Earth (USA), Washington DC

Seoul’s challenges for public food procurement innovation, Eunsook Moon Member of Seoul Food Citizen Council & Head of Consumer Policy Institute, Seoul

Local regional co-operations in food logistics, Valérie Nicolas, International Strategy Adviser, The National Association of French Regions, Régions de France, Paris

Comprehensive Sustainable Food Procurement in Kfar Saba, Aya Laor

VP Operations at Economic development Kfar Saba Municipality

Solutions of Nordic countries, Mads Frederik Fischer-Møller, Senior Adviser Food Policy & Leader of Nordic Food Policy Lab & Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordic Council, Copenhagen

14:00-15:30 Discussion topics for the round tables:

Logistics for reducing environmental impacts, Moderator: Ayal Ronen Architect Department of city planning Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

Catalyzing municipal collaboration towards sustainable food procurement in the city, Moderator: Naomi Tsur Head of the Israel Urban Forum, Founder and Chair, Green Fund, Jerusalem

Innovation in supply and procurement of food, Moderators: Avi Blau, Director

Afeka Institute of Circular Engineering and Economy (AICEE), Tel Aviv-Yafo & Adi Dishon, Managing Director, Weitz Center for Sustainable Development, Rehovot

Reducing environmental impacts of food procurement, Moderators: Andrea Calori President of EStà, Economia e Sostenibilità Milan & Noga Levtzion Nadan, Founder and CEO, Greeneye, Jerusalem


Moderator: Uriel Babczyk, Director of Sustainable Building & Planning, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality


13:00-15:30 | Shitrit Hall

By invitation only

During crisis, food supply is a key challenge; organization skills and networking are crucial in order to maintain a constant and nutritional supply. This session will present good examples of neighborhood food networks, urban agriculture enterprises and community frameworks. We will discuss both aspects of food-resilience connection: using food systems on everyday life to build a resilient community on one hand and supplying healthy food in emergency times on the other.

15:00 Discussion panel: Is food a key component of a city’s resilient strategy?

Moderator: Uriel Babczyk, Director of Sustainable Building & Planning

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

13:15 Sharing best practices

Securing a well- balanced diet across the city, Efrat Makin Knafo, CRO, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Building resilient communities through the use of food programs, Jean-Claude Dardelet, Vice Mayor Toulouse

How the new Turin urban plan can contribute to a more sustainable food urban system, Guido Montanari, Deputy Mayor, Turin

Supplying healthy food after earthquakes, Makoto Sekiyama, Director General, Global Network International Affairs Bureau, Yokohama

Global City Networks and Sustainable Food Systems Konstantina Karydi, Associate Director City Resilience Delivery 100 Resilient Cities, London – joint with Stelios Diakoulakis, Deputy Regional Director, Europe C40 Cities

15:00 Discussion panel: Is food a key component of a city’s resilient strategy?

Barbara Emanuel, Manager, Toronto Food Strategy, Toronto, joint with Eleni Myrivili, Deputy Mayor for Urban Nature

Manuel António Alculete Lopes de Araújo, Mayor, Quelimane

Dov Chernichovsky, Chair of the National Nutrition Security Council, Jerusalem

Piero Pelizzaro, CRO, Milan

Joy Carey, RUAF Foundation: ICLEI-RUAF CITYFOOD Network

15:30 Coffee break

16:00-18:00 Milan Pact Awards Ceremony

Assia Hall

The Milan Pact Awards 2018 will be delivered for this third consecutive edition to innovative projects of urban food policies implemented by MUFPP signatory cities. We will discover the winners of the Highest Score Award and the Challenging Environment Award and the six cities selected for the Special Mentions: Governance, Sustainable diets and nutrition, Social and economic equity, Food production Food supply and distribution and Food waste prevention, reduction and management. Presentations from winning cities will follow.

Welcome address, Carlo Mango, Director of Scientific Research and technological Transfer Area, Fondazione Cariplo, Milan. Fondazione Cariplo supports the Milan Pact Awards since 2016

18:00-18:10 Group photo


18:30-21:00 at Sarona Market Tel Aviv-Yafo


             WEDNESDAY, 5 SEPTEMBER 2018


08:30 – 09:30 MUFPP Steering Committee meeting (closed session)

09:30 Welcome address, Amb. Gil Haskel, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel

Innovation Pills

09:30-13:30 Main plenary FAO-MUFPP collaboration: monitoring framework, promising practices and trend analysis

Assia Hall

The first part of this session will illustrate the finalization of the MUFPP Monitoring Framework and its 42 related indicators, resulting from the collaboration between FAO and the MUFPP Secretariat. Selected cities will present their experience in participating to the process and implementation.The second part will present findings from the publication “The role of cities in the transformation of food systems: lessons from Milan Pact Cities”. The fifty compiled food policies and practices are a representative sample from the one hundred and fifty-seven submissions to the Milan Pact Awards 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions. Emerging trends, actors and issues on urban food practices will be explored through presentations from cities. This study is published by FAO, EStà-Economia e Sostenibilità and the MUFPP Secretariat.

Video message of José Graziano da Silva, FAO Director-General

Setting the scene, Marcela Villarreal Director, Partnerships and South-South Cooperation, FAO of the UN

Monitoring Framework, Indicators Framework: an overview, Joy Carey RUAF Foundation, Guido Santini, FAO

Implementing the indicators: experiences from cities

City of Toronto, Canada, Barbara Emanuel

Manager, Toronto Food Strategy, Toronto

City of Ede, the Netherlands, Leon Meijer, Alderman, Municipality of Ede

City of Antananarivo, Madagascar

Olivier Andrianarisoa, Special Advisor to the Mayor, Municipality of Antananarivo

Q&A Session

11:05-11:35 Coffee break

11:35 The role of cities in the transformation of food systems

Lessons from cities through the Milan Pact Awards, Thomas Forster New School Food Studies, New York City

Promising practices: experiences from cities

City of Quelimane, Mozambique, Manuel António Alculete Lopes de Araújo, Mayor

City of Utrecht, the Netherlands Anne Marie Gout, Senior Advisor Public Health

Promising practices from Milan Pact cities: Fifty Briefs, Alessia Marazzi, EStà Research Centre

Trends for cities. Narrative report

Andrea Calori, EStà Research Centre

MUFPP Open Consultation

MUFPP cities and the Pact: three years of exchanges, Yota Nicolarea & Davide Di Martino, MUFPP Secretariat, Milan

Q&A Session

Conclusions and closure of session Marcela Villareal, Director, FAO and Vittoria Beria, Director of International Relations, City of Milan

13:30-14:30 lunch

14:30 Reducing food waste

Assia Hall

Presentation of handy tools and initiatives including new insight from one of the world’s leading food waste research centers that may be easily adopted and implemented by cities around the world.

Moderator: Ofira Ayalon

University of Haifa and Samuel Neaman Institute, Haifa, Israel

14:40 Talks

Taking stock of food wastage: revisiting commitments, reduction strategies and impacts, Umezuruike Linus Opara, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Applied research for reducing food waste, Toine Timmermans, Wageningen University, the Netherlands

Reducing food losses by innovative postharvest storage solutions, Ron Porat, The Volcani Center, Israel

Leket Israel Urban Food Rescue Model, Gidi Kroch, CEO, Leket Israel

Integrated institutional actions of the city of Milan in food losses and waste management, Andrea Magarini, Milan Food Policy Coordinator, Italy

Leading cross-sectional collaboration to reduce food waste in Israel, Michal Bitterman, CEO, The Natural Step Israel

The commitment of Intesa Sanpaolo

Group in Circular Economy and the role of Circular Economy in food systems Massimiano Tellini, Global Head –Circular Economy, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center

16:20 Reducing food waste – take home tools

16:45 Closing ceremony

Assia Hall

17:00 Coffee & refreshments break