Activities in Utrecht

08 Jul Activities in Utrecht

On September 26 2015 the Festival “Hier en Daar” took place to raise awareness on the effects of our decisions ‘here’ to other countries ‘there’.
The municipality in cooperation with several parties in Utrecht held workshops on different food themes:

  1. Fairtrade and local food in catering (22 March 2016) 
  2. Social entrepreneurship (7June 2016)
  3. Food waste (21 June 2016)
  4. Logistic and market issues on regional food (23 August 2016 )
  5. Food policies and food councils as a helpful means (27 September )

Our Food Smart Event  will takes place during  the Harvest Week “Utrecht Oogst” from 18 to 25 September:  a joint action of the Utrecht municipality, Utrecht Natuurlijk (an organization that makes Utrecht more healthy, green and sustainable), Fairtrade Utrecht and other parties.

The Food Award will be conferred on September 25, combined with an event on food waste, a flash mob activity and the Festival Hier en Daar.